SewEzi Basic

"The basic SewEzi a concept for almost 10 years"

The SewEzi sewing table reduces a lot of neck and back problems, because of this a lot of our users are very excited. "We wish we purchased the SewEzi sewing table a lot sooner" is a common thing to hear.


Your sewing machine is at the correct height causing you to assume an ergonomic posture during sewing. This reduces neck and back problems,  makes you able to sew for a longer time and helps you be more productive. The SewEzi basic has 2 wheels and 2 handles for easy transport. Your SewEzi table is suitable for all sewing machines so you can take the SewEzi to your courses, workshops or on holiday.

The basic set

The SewEzi basic set consists of the sewing table, the protective bag and a plexiglass tabletop custom made for your machine.


  • Very compactly foldable ( 50 x 90 x 10 cm).
  • Easy to take with you in the protective bag and on wheels.
  • Perfect ergonomic working height.
  • Smooth surface making fabrics easy to transport.
  • Sturdy, but still lightweight ( 11 kg ).
  • With a closed plexiglass tabletob easy to use as a lightbox.
  • With a wooden inlay your SewEzi can be used as a normal table.