SewEzi Grande

"The Grande sewing table, extra sturdy with more workspace."

This is a huge acquisition for anyone with a bigger and heavier sewing machine.

With the introduction of the SewEzi Grande sewing table the problem is solved. The new sewing machines met more free arm space have a lot more table space available.

Unfortunately, all tables are currently sold out. We can ship again at the end of July.


The SewEzi Grande is our latest movable table. The Grande is bigger and stronger! Designed for more permanent situations than the portable SewEzi. Your sewing machine will be at the correct height on this table as well giving you an ergonomic posture during sewing. This allows you to sew for a longer time and being more productive. With the Grande you have an almost twice as big work surface. Ideal for the new bigger and heavier machines, but also easily used with all "normal" sewing machines. The legs can be easily folded for storage or transport.

The SewEzi Grande basicset consist of the sewing table, the protective bag and a plexiglass tabletop custom made for your machine.


  • Very compactly foldable (60 x 120 x 12,5 cm).
  • Very big and straight work surface.
  • Perfect ergonomic working height..
  • Adjustable height from 72-76cm high.
  • Sturdy, but yet compact for storage ( 17 kg ).
  • With a closed plexiglass tabletop easy to use as a lightbox.
  • With a wooden inlay your SewEzi Grande can be used as a normal table.